Creative Arts Team

The worship atmosphere

While a relationship with God and others happens all throughout the week, Sunday morning is the time to come together, worship God, and celebrate what He has done for us. This takes many forms—both on the surface and deep inside. The Creative Arts team seeks to provide an atmosphere that ushers in the presence of God. An environment where people can experience God on their own terms brings a freedom to express themselves and let God know what is in their hearts. One thing you simply will not see here at FLCC is flashing lights, strobes.  We do create environments that enables us to engage rather than distract.

Who are we?

The Creative Arts team is a concept that is new here at FLCC and with that we are building a team that will work together with the Senior Pastor to make the experience seamless.  The music style is mostly contemporary, although the team strives to follow where God leads each week. With music, multimedia tools, and physical surroundings, the team seeks to be professional while ultimately providing a multi-sensory experience in a God-centered place.

What is the music like?

We want everyone who comes through the door to experience the life-changing power of worship through music. Because of that, we use new worship songs set to a contemporary beat with a full band. We also believe there are several time-tested songs that capture our hearts, and we are excited to use them as an avenue to worship God.


If you are interested in auditioning for our worship team, please see our auditions page for details. We also need you to fill out the application <HERE>.