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There are great resources out there on parenting, Check out some of the resources we have found on the web.

Younger Children

10 Myths about Parenthood — Parenting does come with an instruction manual. Lots of them, actually. Information abounds on what a good parent should or shouldn’t do. The problem is, the advice is often contradictory or limited in its scope. Below is a more holistic take on good parenting—how parenting decisions affect the entire family unit.

Compromising on Differing Parenting Styles — Raising kids isn’t easy and it is a time when you look to your upbringing to guide your decisions. Much of our parenting tendencies come from our personal experiences and how we were raised as children. Unless you and your partner grew up in very similar environments, you are likely to have diverse ideas of how parenting should be. You both may need to discover your most influential parenting styles and work on getting yourselves on the same team.

Making Children Mind without Losing Yours — Your child reaches for a candy bar at the checkout counter and you tell him, “No.” He proceeds to throw a tantrum. Do you plead with him to stop, step over him and walk away, or buy him the candy bar so he will stop embarrassing you in public?

Sleeping Better as a New Parent — Sleep deprivation. It’s something I’m sure you’ve experienced more than once since your baby came home. Losing sleep is part of your job description as a parent. And it doesn’t matter if you have a toddler or a teen.


10 Ways to Talk to Your Children about Sensitive Issues — Even very young children need to hear about healthy relationships. Start talking with your child about positive friendships and respect early on, and then transition into talking about dating and physical relationships when your child is older.

Dealing with My Child Who Is Behaving Badly — There is probably no more exhausting, exciting, frustrating, or gratifying job than that of being a parent. One minute things are going well and the next you are pulling your hair out, wondering if you are going to survive. No matter what your socio-economic status or your education, parenting is an adventure second to none.

Things Your Teen Won’t Tell You — Ellen Pober Rittberg is the mother of three. She had three children in three years and she is an attorney who spent 13 years representing young people. Both of these experiences have given her insight into the lives of young people which led to writing, 35 Things Your Teen Won’t Tell You, So I Will.

Are You an Engaged Dad? — For more than a decade research has indicated a strong correlation between engaged fathers and child well-being. A new study published in the journal Child Development continues this trend specifically in the area of preventing risky sexual behavior.