Chapter 3 Joseph

February 8, 2015 Download: Audio Notes

Recap the principles of lower story and upper story, because this chapter is one of the best examples of this concept in all of scripture.

Joseph was able to forgive his brothers because he saw that God was up to something; he had captured the upper story, God’s bigger plan. What the brothers did was wrong, but God used their sin and jealousy to accomplish his overall purpose, his upper story.

The famine would have killed the little fledgling nation of Israel naturally, but supernaturally God made a provision for their salvation by putting Joseph in the right place at the right time.

Why didn’t God just thwart the famine? It wasn’t time yet for the nation of Israel to take ownership of the land of Canaan. And, they needed to be prevented from intermarrying with Canaanites, so their move to Egypt got them away from the Canaanites and living amongst the Egyptians who thought it was an abomination to marry shepherds. In Egypt they were given the incredibly fertile land of Goshen where they thrived.

Joseph had 22 years of a difficult life, but 71 years of a blessed life. He saw the upper story and it made his life in the lower story richer. It made all the junk that happened to him in the lower story survivable.