We have been blessed with teams of volunteers.  They care for children, serve communion, help with security, play guitar…you name it, there’s a place around here to serve.  Check out what’s available here at Family Life and find out how you can get off the bench and into the game, serving as part of a team and playing a monumental part in God’s kingdom.

We also have an online form you can fill out, and we would be happy to contact you.

 Serve where you are passionate.  Give us as many details as you can in the form below.

For example, if you’d like to volunteer with children, let us know the age ranges you’d like to consider helping or if a specific youth ministry has caught your eye.  Or if you’d like to help in Worship Arts, let us know the details on your instrumental or vocal experience.  As far as we’re concerned, we’re all about relationship, and we’d love to know how God has gifted you to serve in this body of believers.  Thank you!


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